Life value and the third currency

What if there’s a third and more relevant measure of value other than money and time? I believe that experience is the third currency we can use to measure how well we’re living.

Let’s not deny that money is essential to living comfortably. It is everywhere, from what we buy, to how much we bill our clients and contributing to the house we’re buying/saving so we can live comfortably. Quality time spent with those we love shows our priorities and how much they mean to us. Some might even argue that “time is money”.

What I have realised is that the ultimate purpose of time and money is the third currency of value – experience.

We use money and time to experience life, these experiences then becomes unforgettable memories, it makes us breathe with meaning and grow as a person – emotionally, mentally and spiritually. When we choose wisely and mindfully on how we spend our time, and with whom, we begin to experience life differently, we begin to live with purpose and hope.

With my insight, I took a day off work and took my family to see the stars at midnight, as we sat under the milky-way with hot chocolate, watching the meteorite shower and laughing, I felt pangs of bitter, sweet happiness and clarity on what life is about. For me, it’s about my connections with others, relationships, love, feelings, moments and memories. Irrespective of how much we make, what time we have, experiencing life is important – even if it’s a simple moment of enjoying the sweet air that we breathe, the blueness of the sky or the warmth of the sun. Time and money widen the choices we have over what we experience, but time and money are not the only measures on how well we’re living.

Let’s go and experience today the best we can.

Here’s also a great quote from a very knowledgeable man of history.

Quote by Einstein




I write from the quietness within. I know that between our shared silences and solitude, we are brilliantly vibrant with colours, thoughts, and ideas that can light the darkest nights. I write for me, for you, for the moments of silent reflections and the breaks in the waves of life...

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