If love is a person…

Imagine Love as a person. We live in a world where we ask a lot out of love. We ask that love is all encompassing, forgiving, forever, perfect, kind, caring, fair, passionate, affectionate and selfless. It’s a wonder why we’re so gravely disappointed when love is not what we expected. Perhaps love is flawed because we’re all so human and beautifully imperfect.

We love Love so much that we created marriage. It’s like giving Love a job title. We make money from love, we get high on love, we wait for love, we play the love game, we’re hurt by love, we love love songs, we read and write sonnets about love – “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…” We define love, and we absolutely love seeing people fall in love, romantically, irrevocably and helplessly.

We can love in so many ways and yet show love so differently.

In the face of love, we’re vulnerable like a soldier without armor, naked in the Garden of Eden. We’re terribly afraid when love does not want us even though we’ve put ourselves out there. We want to love because we were taught that love is like the sun, it gives life, hope, and strength.

I would not want to be Love personified. Life as Love would be terrible, it would mean working 24/7 to keep everyone happy, content and fulfilling all these unrealistic expectations. Love in all its glory has been extolled to conquer wars, bring world peace, and save everyone.

I don’t want to be saved by love. I want to be saved by me; a better me


Love is not an entitlement and does not guarantee happiness. Love is a luxury, kind of like having stars on a cloudless night.

I want love to be understood because so often it is misunderstood. Jealousy, lust, passion, anger, frustrations are not symptoms of love; these are symptoms of being human. Love is neither an excuse nor a cause for unhappiness. Love is just love. No more, no less.

Final thoughts…

In a way, I’m glad that love is not a person. Love is a feeling, an emotion, and a concept deserving to be felt within the depth of our soul and manifest our immense capacity to be our best selves. Love is not the hero of the story; you are the hero/heroine of your story. If love is a person… I think they’ll be happy with that.



I write from the quietness within. I know that between our shared silences and solitude, we are brilliantly vibrant with colours, thoughts, and ideas that can light the darkest nights. I write for me, for you, for the moments of silent reflections and the breaks in the waves of life...

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